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Asian Slave Escorts is a reputable international submissive dating service. We offer submissive escorts / sex slaves worldwide.

Submissive culture has a long and rich history in Asia, especially in east Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea. The role of women has varied from partners who are quite and subservient to the ideal fantasy of a sex slave. Even in modern society, many well educated women are raised to be obedient, graceful and to fulfil their husbands' requests. Our elegant slaves are typically Japanese, Chinese and Korean ladies that are willing to provide submissive and BDSM services (we also have a few white and black slaves).

For your enjoyment we can supply toys, and an assortment of B&D equipment to properly allow you to restrict, punish or pleasure your slave (Sydney only). Whether you want to bind, spank, blindfold or humiliate, we can help. Is your fetish oral sex, anal sex or sex with a bound or costumed slave? We treat all your requests with respect and interest, and will do our best to ensure you will treasure the experience forever.

Is your fantasy to have a bound slave in your bedroom? A submissive kneeling in your bathroom? Perhaps you would like a maid in your kitchen, cooking your food and providing you every service at meals. Or is your dream to have a slave secretary in your office, where you are the only one who knows the things she will do? Would you like some role playing for a naughty girl or sexy nurse?

Speak to us about making your fantasy into reality. Whether you would like a slave at home, in your hotel while you are traveling, or at a romantic retreat, there are ladies here that can offer what you need.

Asian Slave Escorts is a member of the Luxury Holidays Group, which was established in 1973. We have run online submissive escort service from 2003. Our reputation is built on developing long-term relationships with our clients.


Please note: the BDSM form of sexual slavery is a type of sexual role-play where one partner, generally referred to as the submissive, agrees to perform sex acts as directed by their Dominants. It is considered an expression of Domination and Submission. A sex slave in BDSM adopts the role of a sex slave, but is not actually owned. The BDSM community does not accept non-consensual slavery as a valid practice.



---- New Registers ----                      * Japanese student slave SM282 registered in Sydney.                  * Slave boy SM281 registered in Amsterdam Netherlands.                     * 2 Pretty black slaves SM279 & SM280 registered in USA.                * SM185 has developed her service.                 * SM221 is in Beijing China now.               * 19 years old beautiful slave registered in Sydney.                  * SM267 is in Japan now.                * Mature slave SM277 registered in Sydney.                 * SM219 has come back.                  * Pretty slave SM276 registered in Taiwan.               * Beautiful Slave SM275 registered in Brisbane.               Beautiful slave SM274 registered in Japan.                  * SM230 is in China now.                 * British slave SM273 registered in London UK.                 * Chinese slave SM272 registered in Sydney.                * Beautiful slave SM225 is in China now.                * Japanese sex slave SM269 registered in Japan now.               * French slave SM268 registered in Paris.                 * Japanese slave SM265 registered in Sydney.               * Beautiful slave SM262 registered in Australia.                * Korean slave SM255 registered in Frankfurt Germany.

---- Employment ----              * We don't have too many black ladies. Any black submissive ladies are welcome to apply in our club.                       * An Australian master is looking for a pretty young Asian ladyboy / femboy.

---- Website -----              * We are looking for an Aribic master to help us translate this website. We will pay $1000 cash or service for it.

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