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There are so many shades in life as one travels life’s sexual journey. One such shade is in entering the Submissive and BDSM culture. It is a culture rich in new opportunities, experiences, feelings and mutual pleasure. A submissive/sex slave role play offers Masters, Mistresses and Submissive a heightened sense in the mutual pleasures that emerge.

Asian Slave Escorts, established in 1973 as part of the Luxury Holidays Group, is a time proven credible international Submissive and BDSM dating service. The escort agency has a high reputation of presenting high quality submissive escorts and couples as requested. As a result, long standing relationships with clients continue to be established and maintained. Indeed, a number of clients have met their life long partner through the agency.

An Asian submissive brings an elegance and sophistication to the dates that will enhance the time spent together. Such a presence comes from centuries of a Submissive and BDSM culture in the eastern Asian countries of China, Japan and Korea. As a result in today’s society many Asian ladies are raised to be quiet, obedient, graceful and mindful of pleasing a man’s needs. Today, such feminine, submissive roles continue to spreading across other countries.

Submissive and BDSM play can include bondage and discipline – binding and spanking – blindfolding and humiliation. Have you considered a submissive kneeling in your bedroom? Perhaps you would like a submissive maid about your household? Perhaps, a submissive/slave secretary in your office to handle all your needs? There are many dreams and roles that our escorts are willing to play.

Asian Slave Escorts has a portfolio of ladies from an increasing number of countries to fulfil various requests. Each request is treated with considered thought and interest to ensure that it is a treasured experience .Many submissive escorts are available locally and most are willing to travel worldwide to meet and enjoy the company of our highly regarded clients.

Whether you wish to have a submissive/slave at home, in your hotel, on your yacht, travelling with you to bring you romance and pleasure we have quality ladies available. Our aim is always to provide upmost mutual pleasure in fulfilling client’s fantasies.

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It is important to note:

The BDSM form of submission is a type of sexual role-play where one partner - the submissive - agrees to perform at the request of a dominant Master/Mistress. It is considered an expression of Domination and Submission. A sex slave in BDSM adopts and plays the role of a sex slave and is not actually owned. Such role play practice must be consensual as approved by the BDSM community.




News Release:

4/10/15 - SM321 has developed her service.

24/9/15 - Beautiful slave SM321 registered in Melbourne Australia.

21/9/15 -  SM320 has moved to Sydney.

14/9/15 -  Taiwanese Slave SM320 registered in Brisbane Australia.

9/9/15 -  Japanese slave SM319 registered in Sydney Australia.

8/9/15 -  Slave SM228 is in Hsinchu Taiwan now.

5/9/15 -  Beautiful student slave SM318 registered in Los Angeles USA/ Guangzhou China.

31/8/15 -  Indonesian sex slave SM254 has come back to Jakarta.

27/8/15 -  Beautiful student slave SM317 registered in New York USA.

26/8/15 -  Beautiful Japanese slave SM316 registered in Sydney Australia.

22/8/15 -  Slave SM120 lives in Dubai United Arab Emirates now.

20/8/15 - Natural Submissive SM315 registered in Brisbane Australia.

3/8/15 - Slave Tour Package (allowing pay-on-arrival) are added on Special Offers.

3/8/15 - Real masochist SM314 registered in Melbourne Australia.

27/7/15 - New slave SM313 registered in Canada.

25/7/15 - Beautiful slave SM312 registered in Sydney Australia.

13/7/15 - Japanese slave SM243 has developed her service a lot.

9/7/15 - SM265 is living in Tokyo Japan now.

1/7/15 - Beautiful slave SM292 is in China now.

16/6/15 - Sex slave SM254 is living in Berlin Germany now.

8/6/15 - Student Slave SM310 registered in Sydney Australia.

3/6/15 - Slave Tour service has been added in Special Offers.

2/6/15 - Sex slave SM308 registered in Singapore.

30/5/15 - Indonesian slave SM307 registered in in Jakarta Indonesia.



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