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She enjoys "Forced Foot Choking" and "Sissy Maid"


Forced Cock Display

Enforced Feminization

Chastity Control

Genital Shaving

Forced Masturbation




Dog Play

Pony Play

Gay Dance

Sissy Maid

Sexual Humiliation

Forced Posture

Footstool Slave

Office Sex

Car Sex



Forced Oral Sex

Face Fuck

Slave Training

Outdoor Slave Training


Forced Feed

Fart Inhaling

Slave Cage

Private Photo/ Video with Mask/ Hood (20 pcs/ 5 mins limited)

Private Photo/ Video without Mask/ Hood (20 pcs/ 5 mins limited)

Cock Pulling

Ball Pulling

Saliva Tasting

Phlegm Tasting

Boot / Shoe on Cock (mistress)

Oral Sex after Piss

Cuming in Mouth / Semen Swallowing

Floor Licking

Toilet Licking

Foot Licking / Gag (after shower)

Foot Licking / Gag (before shower)

Anal Licking (after shower) (master)

Anal Licking (before shower) (master)

Finger Fucking (anus)


Anal Sex (master)

Belly Punching (mistress)

Ball Punching (mistress)

Palm Punishment



Spanking / Caning / Paddles

Whipping / Flogging

Genitals Whipping 

Golden Shower

Piss Drinking

Anal Licking after Toilet (after wiping bottom)

Anal Licking after Toilet (before wiping bottom)

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) (no hurting)

Strap-on (Oral Play)

Strap-on (Anal Play)

Human Furniture

Medical Femdom

Ashtray Slave / Smoking Fetishes

Ass Worship / Anal Licking

Pussy Worship / Pussy Licking

Menstruation Fetish


Candle / Wax Play

Barefoot Cock and Ball Trampling (mistress)

Cock Slag and Ball Twisting


Shoe / Boot Worship
 / Shoe Licking

Foot Abuse Genital

Forced Sex / Woman On Top

Ice play

Mummification / Sensory Deprivation

Nettle Torture

Nipple Play / Torture


Water Torture

Brown Shower / Scat

Licking all over Master's body

Eat food from a dog dish on the floor

Eat food mixed with master's semen

Forced long duration oral sex for 1 hour

Forced long duration standing at attention (against wall, on a chair, on a desk, etc.) for 1 hour

Forced long duration kneeling (against wall, toilet...)

Forced running being led by nipple clamp or clothespin with a rope / chain

Forced crawling, being led by nipple clamp / clothespin

Forced crawling, being led while she sucks on her master's penis

Sleeping overnight on the floor

Sleeping overnight in the toilet/bathroom

Sleeping overnight in the closet

Sleeping overnight with a sex toy in her anus

Sleeping overnight with master's penis in her mouth

Sleeping overnight with master's toe in her mouth

Sleeping overnight with her face touching Master's foot

Sleeping overnight with handcuffs and foot restrains


Optional Services
(in extra charge)

Electrical Play on Genitals
(extra $200/5 minutes)

Belly Punching (light) (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Ball Punching (light) (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Ball Pulling (light) (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Barefoot Cock and Ball Trampling (light) (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Ball Kicking (light) (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Boot / Shoe on Cock (light) (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Two Masters Play (extra $400/30 minutes)

Family Slave (for one couple only)
(20% extra)







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